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SMTP email diagnostics and info – troubleshoot email not received

Every now and then somebody will contact you via a method that they wouldn’t normally use and say something like “did you get the email I sent to you a few days ago”. If the answer to this is “no, … Continue reading

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Test your web access with PowerShell

I had a few issues yesterday with intermittent access to the internet. Some sites worked, others didn’t. The ones that didn’t work weren’t resolving via DNS, and the ones that did work didn’t always display correctly (presumably due to bits … Continue reading

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Testing for open ports with PowerShell

Want to find out if a TCP port is open via a firewall and/or if something is listening on that port? From within a script? You can use PowerShell. A colleague found this, which uses System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient from the .NET framework … Continue reading

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PowerShell: Find MTU

I had some issues caused by MTU recently, and decided to write a script to test for the Maximum Transmission Unit that a network or host could cope with. I originally started off by using the PowerShell Test-Connection cmdlet, but … Continue reading

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PowerShell LDAP response time monitor

I recently had some issues with a system not getting very response times to LDAP queries sent to various Active Directory domain controllers. These were resolved via a combination of Windows Server 2003 Server Performance Advisor and the built in, … Continue reading

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PowerShell: There are null values and then there are SQL null values

I was reading some data out of a SQL Server table, and wanted to do an operation if one of the string values returned, MAC, was either blank or null. I was using the following code: $NewServerName = “SomeServerName” $DBServerName … Continue reading

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Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyser

Handy online utilities to check for issues. Can also help decypher SMTP headers. https://testconnectivity.microsoft.com/

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Basic Windows Performance Testing

I wanted a basic, quick way to evaluate performance between a Windows Server 2008 R2 VM running on different host hardware, and for free. It turns out that you can use the utility that Windows 7 uses to give you … Continue reading

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