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Search through Pwned Passwords with PowerShell

Troy Hunt recently released over 300 million SHA1 hashes of passwords that his Have I Been Pwned website has been collecting. The site allows you to search the database to see if your passwords are included in those from many … Continue reading

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Search for VMware RDMs

A storage admin recently asked me if a couple of LUNs were still in use. They had very little info about them, but knew they were presented to the vSphere hosts. So I wrote a quick script to find all … Continue reading

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Set Internet Explorer Address Bar Search via Group Policy

OK, this is kind of a cheat, this is using Group Policy Preferences (GPPrefs) to add a set of registry entries, it’s not a custom .admx or something more fancy. But it does work. Firstly, I suggest you create a … Continue reading

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Windows Server 2008 R2: Windows Search Service

Just added this to a server with the intention of¬†indexing some NetBackup log files to make it easier to find things in them. Note that Windows Search Service is new with Server 2008 R2, and is not the same as … Continue reading

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