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Function to invoke PowerShell ISE from shell

Another little function to add to your PowerShell profile. If you’re in the PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment you can use the command psedit <filename> to open the file in the ISE editor – and it doesn’t just have to be … Continue reading

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Powershell function to pin and unpin from Windows Taskbar

Wrote this to make it easy to add and remove pinned items from the taskbar. Code function Pin-Taskbar([string]$Item = “”,[string]$Action = “”){ if($Item -eq “”){ Write-Error -Message “You need to specify an item” -ErrorAction Stop } if($Action -eq “”){ Write-Error … Continue reading

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VBScript function to get folder owner

This VBScript function parses the output of the DIR /Q command to find the owner of the specified folder. It demonstrates using a WScript.Shell Exec object to capture the output from a command, then searching within the output for certain … Continue reading

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VBScript: InStr with Regular Expression function

I don’t think there’s a built-in way to do an InStr with a regular expression as the search string in VBScript, so I wrote one: Function inStrRegExp(sString, sPattern, bIgnoreCase) Dim oRegExp,aMatches, item, bFound, iPosition Set oRegExp = New RegExp ¬†oRegExp.IgnoreCase … Continue reading

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