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PowerShell: Monitor changes to a folder

This uses a FileSystemWatcher object and its WaitForChanged method, which is rather nifty way to not use much resource to keep track of file system changes. What we’re NOT doing here is polling the folder contents. I’m then trying a … Continue reading

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Find vSphere VM locations: Folder, vApp and Resource Pool

The vSphere client doesn’t seem to give you a nice overview where you can see all the location data about your virtual machines. You can see the Folder and vApp by expanding all the branches in the VMs & Templates view, … Continue reading

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VBScript function to get folder owner

This VBScript function parses the output of the DIR /Q command to find the owner of the specified folder. It demonstrates using a WScript.Shell Exec object to capture the output from a command, then searching within the output for certain … Continue reading

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