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PowerShell Profiles

If you use the PowerShell prompt a lot and/or the PowerShell ISE, you might find your life made a little bit easier by setting up a PowerShell Profile. All they are is a script that’s run each time you open … Continue reading

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PowerShell: Monitor changes to a folder

This uses a FileSystemWatcher object and its WaitForChanged method, which is rather nifty way to not use much resource to keep track of file system changes. What we’re NOT doing here is polling the folder contents. I’m then trying a … Continue reading

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Find the DLL used by an Internet Explorer Add-on

Found this by accident, but it’s surprisingly easy. I’m using the latest IE, version 11. Click the IE settings cog, and then click Manage add-ons from the menu. In the Manage Add-ons dialogue box, highlight the add-on you want to … Continue reading

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PowerShell: Parallel ping test with CSV result files

I’ve been experimenting with parallel workflows in PowerShell and this seemed like a good thing to try and do with it. No guarantees that this script is the best, but it does work. Give it a list of┬ácomputers to test … Continue reading

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