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Storage Replica in Windows Server 2016

What is Storage Replica? Block level synchronous or asynchronous, volume based data replication. What does it do? Replicates storage data from a disk attached to one instance of Windows Server to another disk attached to a different instance of Windows … Continue reading

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Using the Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)

Having just written an article about how to get items back from a volume shadow copy, I thought I should make some notes about how VSS works, how to configure it, and actually get VSS to create you some shadow copies! This … Continue reading

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PowerShell System Drive Clean-up

I’ve been working through a process of cleaning and optimising the C drives on a lot of VMs recently. Over time they build up with lots of junk that, when put together with hundreds of VMs, requires a significant amount of … Continue reading

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Run Disk Cleanup – save GB of space

I’m a big fan of the built-in Windows Disk Cleanup utility, cleanmgr.exe. Since the extra features added to the Vista & Server 2008 version it has become a great way to recover sometimes quite substantial amounts of space from your system … Continue reading

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Proper VMware Storage Quality of Service from Tintri

One complaint that I’ve had about mixed storage technology (i.e. SSD and HDD in the same box/same LUN/volume/store) is that an application’s performance can’t be guaranteed to be consistent. For example, if a database has been happily running from SSD … Continue reading

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Productivity: People are like hard disks

I just read a fairly common sense article from HP’s latest Technology at Work newsletter. It prompted me into writing down some thoughts on human productivity that I’ve had for a while that are nicely relevant from an IT Pro’s perspective: … Continue reading

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Enterprise Storage Part 1 – What are IOPS, and other basics

If you’re specifying storage for enterprise class applications, or more recently, looking at specs of Solid State Disks – even ones for your PC, you’ll see a lot of mentions of IOPS. What exactly are IOPS? IOPS stands for Input/Output operations … Continue reading

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Stop 0x00000133 on HP Z220 running Windows Server 2012

I recently had a Z220 delivered to use as a dev server for a Remote Desktop Session Host solution I’m designing. Windows Server 2012 installed ok, and the workstation was left powered on overnight. I checked it was running in the … Continue reading

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