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No more excuses, sort out your IT management basics!

I am fed up. This is a bit of a rant, but with good reason: companies and services that I and all of us pay good money for are not being managed properly. I say: Enough, no more excuses. The … Continue reading

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Standard user launching a command with elevated credentials

I needed standard users to be able to run certain executables with administrator credentials, but ideally without wanting to give them an administrator account and password, and certainly without adding them to the Administrators group. I also needed a log … Continue reading

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RDSH 2012 R2: Shadow Users without Connection Broker admin rights

It seems as though the only way to use the PowerShell Get-RDUserSession cmdlet against the Connection Broker is if the user running the command is a member of the¬†¬†Administrators group on the Connection Broker server. This might be undesirable…! This … Continue reading

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RunAs with remote management tools that require Run as Administrator on Windows 7

I’m talking about stuff like Registry Editor, Citrix Delivery Services Console (from XenApp 6.0). Something you might wish to run with an account that gives you administrator rights on a remote system but for whatever reason has been written such … Continue reading

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Partial workaround for NetBackup UAC “Run As Administrator” annoyance

Isn’t it annoying how NetBackup 7.x seems to need you to randomly run bits of it “As Administrator” or from an Administrator command prompt on Server 2008 R2? For example, running the BPMedia command from a normal (non-Administrator) command prompt … Continue reading

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Citrix Certified Administrator – XenApp 6.5

I am now officially a Citrix Certified Administrator for XenApp 6.5. To be honest, the downloadable logo is a bit rubbish (sorry Citrix!). Anyway, I’m pretty chuffed to get this, I’ve only been using the product since 1999…! I should … Continue reading

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UAC and Run As Administrator adjustments for Users

When running on Server 2008 R2/Windows 7 as a normal user in a corporate environment you want to remove as much of the User Account Control related stuff as possible. You don’t want your users being prompted for Administrator credntials … Continue reading

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