Get or update SysInternals tools with PowerShell

This is version 2 – the previous version relied on mapping a new PSDrive directly to \\\tools which made things easy, but that no longer seems to work (or at least not for me, might be my web filtering blocking it).

So as an alternative, here is one that pulls the files directly via HTTPS by parsing the listing from

$SysIntFolder = "C:\sysint"
$Page = (Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "").Content
$MatchedItems = ([regex]"<A HREF.*?<\/A>").Matches($Page)
$ItemCount = $MatchedItems.Count
$Copied = 0
foreach($Match in $MatchedItems.Value){
    if($Match -match ">(.*?\..*?)<"){
        Write-Progress -Activity "Update SysInt" -Status $Matches[1] -PercentComplete ($Copied / $ItemCount * 100)
        Invoke-WebRequest -Uri ("" + $Matches[1]) -OutFile (Join-Path -Path $SysIntFolder -ChildPath $Matches[1])

Write-Progress -Activity "Update SysInt" -Completed
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