PowerShell: BitLocker Encryption Progress Bar

When enabling Bitlocker I want to know how far through the process of encrypting the drive it has got.

The script gets the encryption status from the manage-bde.exe command, parses it using a regular expression to get the percent complete, and goes into a loop updating a progress bar until the progress gets to 100%. Then the script quits.

Here’s the script:

function Get-BDEPercent{
    $BDEStatus = & manage-bde.exe -status c:
    $BDEStatus = $BDEStatus -join " "
    $Matches = $null
    $BDEStatus -match '\:\s([\d]{2,})\.\d\%' | Out-Null

$Loop = $true

    [int]$PercentComplete = Get-BDEPercent
    if($PercentComplete -ne 100){
        Write-Progress -Activity "Bitlocker Drive Encryption Status" -Status "Encrypting" -PercentComplete $PercentComplete
        Start-Sleep -Seconds 5
        Write-Progress -Activity "Bitlocker Drive Encryption Status" -Completed
        $Loop = $false
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