SCCM 2012 PXE-E55: ProxyDHCP service did not reply to request on port 4011

Had this today, didn’t have any of #60, #66 or #67 DHCP options set that might have been conflicting (per Microsoft guidelines).

I was able to build Hyper-V VMs at the site where the problem distribution point was, but PCs weren’t building, giving the error:

PXE-E55: ProxyDHCP service did not reply to request on port 4011

I then checked the SMSPXE.log file which is found on the distribution point on the path D:\SMS_DP$\sms\logs (drive letter might be different, hopefully you’re not using the C drive…)

I saw warnings and messages similar to:

Warning: Matching Processor Architecture Boot Image (0) not found
F8:CA:B8:22:A6:53, 4C4C4544-0051-3610-8030-B3C04F443732: Not serviced.

I checked the two boot images in the SCCM console under Software Library – Overview – Operating Systems – Boot Images. The Boot Image (x64) was distributed to all my DPs, but Boot Image (x86) was missing from the one at the site with the PXE problems.

I distributed the x86 boot image to the distribution point it was missing from, and once that had completed I saw it being picked up in smspxe.log:

Found new image RCM000BF
Opening image file D:\RemoteInstall\SMSImages\RCM000BF\boot.RCM000BF.wim
Found Image file: D:\RemoteInstall\SMSImages\RCM000BF\boot.RCM000BF.wim
PackageID: RCM000BF
ProductName: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
Architecture: 0
Description: Microsoft Windows PE (x86)
SystemDir: WINDOWS
Closing image file D:\RemoteInstall\SMSImages\RCM000BF\boot.RCM000BF.wim

PXE boot of the failing clients is now working.

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1 Response to SCCM 2012 PXE-E55: ProxyDHCP service did not reply to request on port 4011

  1. Steven says:

    Just wanted to drop by and thank you for this information. There’s tons of articles and suggestions on how to fix the error mentioned, but most of the suggestions mention that the DHCP options aren’t correct. In our environment we aren’t using DHCP options, just helper addresses. I wasn’t even aware that those PXE logs existed, so when I found that they had the same error you noted I immediately checked the distribution point for the boot image and sure enough… this one distro was missing the boot image. Redistributing it resolved this issue for me. A huge thank you!


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