PowerShell Script to download latest SysInternals tools

The SysInternals tools are pretty much a must-have for any IT Pro, but they get updated randomly and I always like to have the latest versions. You can run them from the live site, but I like to have them stored within my network as not everything has internet access.

This script will copy all the tools to the specified folder. Run it as a scheduled task.

$DestinationFolder = "C:\sysint"

Write-Host "Connecting"
New-PSDrive -Name SysInt -PSProvider FileSystem -Root \\live.sysinternals.com\Tools
$Files = Get-ChildItem -Path SysInt:\ -Recurse

Write-Host "Copying"
$Copied = 0
foreach($File in $Files){
    Write-Progress -Activity "Update SysInt" -Status $File.Name -PercentComplete ($Copied / $Files.Count * 100)
    Copy-Item -Path $File.FullName -Destination $DestinationFolder -Force
Write-Progress -Activity "Update SysInt" -Completed

Write-Host "Tidying up"
Remove-PSDrive -Name SysInt -PSProvider FileSystem


Note that if you want to run this on Windows Server you need to enable Desktop Experience and then start the WebClient service, this is to enable the Windows WebDAV client functionality. If you don’t want to set the service to autostart you could modify the script to start the service at the beginning and stop it at the end.

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