2012 R2 DC server rename DNS configuration

In my test environment I experimented with renaming a 2012 R2 Active Directory Domain Controller, i.e. changing its computer name.

Things seemed to be mostly OK afterwards, and I found I didn’t need to fiddle with DFS-R as you had to in previous versions.

However I did find that the <ADName>.local._msdcs DNS node hadn’t changed. Here’s a screenshot from my DC after it had rebooted following its rename:
DNS after dc rename

You can see the new computer name in the MMC tree view is “DC”, however the name server is still showing the old name of win-uu8p2856232 and if you go into the properties you can see that the IP address is unknown.

This is easy to fix though, just remove the old server name FQDN and add the new one:
dns new name server record

Then we’re all good again:
DNS msdcs ns sorted

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