Move Maverick folder to external SD card on Android

Maverick is a great mapping tool. It’s very handy because it downloads map tiles to allow maps to be used offline, including Ordnance Survey (for those of us in the UK). However, the map tiles are images and you can end up with thousands and thousands of them – I have over 32,000 files taking up about 1.5GB. This is a lot of space to use on the internal storage of my HTC One M8. Especially when I have a 16GB microSD card available. The HTC One M8 is a bit strange in that the internal storage is presented as /sdcard and the actual SD card mounts as /sdcard2 and /storage/ext_sd, this is a legacy thing/workaround from older version of Android as far as I can tell (where the “internal” storage was tiny (about 200MB on the HTC Desire I seem to remember) and the sdcard could only be used for certain apps and files. That latter limitation got lifted such that the “built in” flash storage is now mounted as /sdcard and thus the actual microSD card has to be called something else. To me it seems like a mess, but there you go, Android is very young in terms of computer history. The method for moving the Maverick folder that worked for me on Android 4.4.2 is a bit fiddly, and probably requires root access (I’m not sure, and I’m not un-rooting my phone to test it!). The fiddle lies in the SD card “security” that Google introduced with this version of Android. This stops apps accessing folders they don’t “own” on the external SD card. This is my trial and error version of the (not very good/broken) instructions from the Maverick support site.

  1. Install ES File Explorer
  2. Open ES File Explorer and browse to /sdcard
  3. You should see you current maverick folder. Long-press it so that it gets a tick in the box that appears to the right of it the screen (box only appears once you’ve long-pressed).
  4. Touch the three dots “More” button and then touch “Move to”.
  5. Press the back arrow until you see “/” in the list, then touch this. Then touch “storage”, followed by “ext_sd” and then “OK”.
  6. The folder will be moved – this may take some time. It’ll depend on how many tiles you have and how fast your microSD card is. Mine took about 15 minutes. I’m doing it this way because when I tried to copy the folder with the phone plugged into my laptop, the file copy kept just stopping randomly and wasn’t reliable. ES worked first time. I think this bit will require root due to the SD card security.
  7. Once the folder has been moved, still in ES File Explorer, browse to /storage/ext_sd and you should now see your moved maverick folder.
  8. Long-press the maverick folder and touch the “More” button again. This time choose “Associate app”. Wait for the list to populate then find and select Maverick and touch “OK”. This step allows Maverick to access the /storage/ext_sd/maverick folder, otherwise it’d be blocked by Android security. I think this bit may also require root access, again due to the SD card security in Android 4.4.
  9. The maverick folder should now have the Maverick compass icon superimposed onto it.
  10. Next you need to browse back to your original /sdcard and create a folder there called maverick. Inside this, create another folder called redirect and browse into that.
  11. Your should now be viewing the (empty) folder /sdcard/maverick with ES File Explorer. Press the + “New” button and choose “File”. Enter the file name as and press “OK” to create an empty file. Note that the file name mirrors the folder location in step 5, but using a dot instead of a forward slash, and prefixed with “to.” – you could move your maverick folder anywhere you like.
  12. That’s it! Open Maverick and it should pick up the moved folder and still have all your tracks, tiles, etc.

Update: This does not work now that I’ve upgraded to Android 5.0. Maverick can read the tiles from the microSD card, but can’t write new ones. It seems to keep trying to download the tiles over and over as the network throughput jumps up when you scroll to an area of the map where you have no tiles. So I’ve now had to move the maverick folder back to the internal storage again!

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2 Responses to Move Maverick folder to external SD card on Android

  1. SW says:

    Did you ever find a workaround for the external SD card with Android 5?


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