Windows 10 free upgrade – not for Enterprise or RT editions

I’ve been looking for details on the announced free upgrade from Windows 7 and 8.1 to Windows 10 that was announced a little while ago. I can’t start making plans to upgrade people without knowing if it’ll actually be possible or not.

Today I found some small print that confirms that the free upgrade will not be available to the Enterprise editions of Windows, or RT editions. This isn’t entirely unexpected, and most home and smaller business users won’t be running Enterprise editions anyway, as until recently they were only available via a volume license agreement.

The RT thing is going to be a bit annoying if you have one of those devices, but I’ve always categorised them as a “fixed” OS device – if you want more than security updates and new apps you need to fork out for a new device, or perhaps as with Android phones, wait for the device manufacturer to release their customised version of the new OS rather than expecting to get it direct from Google.

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