EMET 5.1 crashes IE11 – SEHOP

I’ve been running EMET on all my PCs for several years now. I realised that several were still running the version 3.5 tech preview so thought I’d better upgrade to the latest and greatest, EMET 5.1.

Having done this, the two machines I upgraded, both running Windows 7 64 bit, started having the same problem with Internet Explorer 11.

The problem exhibited itself as follows: IE would take longer than normal to start up (I have my start page set to about:blank). Then, upon trying to view any website, IE would crash. It wasn’t an EMET-type crash, just an Internet Explorer has stopped working type crash. IE would try to recover, but just die again.

Anyway, I’ve fixed it by disabling the SEHOP EMET feature for iexplore.exe. I can’t find any reference to this online anywhere – I have all the latest security updates installed, .Net 4.5.2, etc.

Hopefully you’ll find this useful. EMET is a great utility, and I’ve had just about no issues with it whilst using my machines ever since I started using it.

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1 Response to EMET 5.1 crashes IE11 – SEHOP

  1. MJ says:

    I am having the same problem and am using the same fix in EMET, in a corp environment with distributed policies (as an end user). For some reason the change doesn’t stick, even when I open EMET as admin. Part of my boot up routine every day is to start EMET and disable SEHOP for iexplore.exe. Would like to figure out a way to make this config persist.


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