If you use Windows Gadgets maybe avoid IE11 for now

I know Microsoft ditched gadgets, but I have a few really handy ones on my Windows 7 machines. Seems like IE11 breaks them, they don’t display properly anymore.


That’s the built-in currency converter, CPU Usage and weather gadgets. Nasty. The calendar one seems OK.


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6 Responses to If you use Windows Gadgets maybe avoid IE11 for now

  1. Igor says:

    Yep, saw exactly the same thing. In addition, IE11 broke my outlook spell checker in a very weird way – after ostensibly performing a spell check, the actual messages went out uncorrected causing quite an embarrassment for me. Oh well, used the system restore and ditched IE11, got all my functionality back.


  2. DrDivan55 says:

    The problem with the gadgets is caused by the DPI settings of the PC. In DPI set to 100% gadgets appear correctly. However if you have set the DPI value to 125% or any custom DPI value above 100-110% the gadgets are displayed incorrectly. This can be fixed in two ways:
    1. Revert to the original 100% DPI scaling.
    2. As the gadgets that appear incorrectly have a DPI-locking tag, just remove it from the gadget.xml file. Setting the tag to auto will not resolve this issue. Note that modifying the tags might be against Microsoft’s policy. In case someone wants to do it however, please, at least make a backup copy of the original xml file!!!


  3. Red says:

    How to fix gadgets broken by IE 11 when desktop magnification is higher than 100%.

    [You have to be a local admin to do this]
    1. Copy the original gadget.xml file from C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\[Gadget you want to fix]\gadget.xml to a temporary folder of your choice. Open it with notepad.
    2. Find & entirely delete the row containing the tag:
    Do not leave an empty row in the script, just delete the whole row that has that tag.
    3. Reboot and strike the F8 key during reboot to get to the Safe Mode screen.
    4. Choose ‘Repair my computer’.
    5. Log on with an administrative account.
    6. Choose ‘Command Prompt’ from the bottom of the list of recovery options.
    7. Now copy your edited gadget.xml file to C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\[Gadget you want to fix]\gadget.xml (example syntax: Copy c:\temp\gadget.xml “C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\Clock.Gadget\en-US\gadget.xml”)
    8. Reboot and you should be seeing the gadgets once again.
    I was very pleased to get my clocks back!!!!!!!!!


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