VMware E1000e vmnic Windows Server 2012 data corruption

Found this yesterday: http://kb.vmware.com/kb/2058692

“On a Windows 2012 virtual machine using the default e1000e network adapter and running on an ESXi 5.0 or 5.1 host, you experience these symptoms: 

  • Data corruption may occur when copying data over the network. 
  • Data corruption may occur after a network file copy event.”

The E1000e is the default NIC type for Server 2012, though I always use vmxnet3.

I’ve written this PowerCLI / PowerShell script to identify VMs with the E1000e NIC (though it doesn’t check what the OS is):

$ProblemVMs = @{}
$TotalVMs = 0
$Processed = 0
$VMs = Get-VM
foreach($VM in $VMs){$TotalVMs++}
foreach($VM in $VMs){
    $VMNics = Get-NetworkAdapter -VM $VM
    [int]$PercentComplete = ($Processed/$TotalVMs*100)
    Write-Progress -Activity "Checking VM NICs" -Status "Processing $VM" -PercentComplete $PercentComplete
    foreach($VMNic in $VMNics){
        $VMNicType = $VMNic.ExtensionData.ToString()
        $VMNicType = $VMNicType.Replace("VMware.Vim.Virtual","")
        if($VMNicType -match "e1000e"){
Write-Progress -Activity "Checking VM NICs" -Completed
$ProblemVMs | Format-Table -AutoSize

You’ll obviously need to do a Connect-VIServer first as usual for PowerCLI.

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