VMM 2012 SP1: VMM cannot find HardwareProfile object

Using System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 SP1 to create a VM from a template. Template is called Server2008R2, trying to create a VM called Server2008R2IE10.

On the Create Virtual Machine Wizard I had to change the “Computer name” in the “Configure Operating System” section as the wizard told me that it had to be 15 characters or less. So I changed the Computer name to Server2008R2. VM name is still Server2008R2IE10.

The wizard hangs for a bit at the Select Host stage, then throws an error:

VMM cannot find HardwareProfile object ee891155-3afd-40b1-adc8-44dc2ef7bd42
Ensure the library object is valid, and then try the operation again.
ID: 801
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I went back and changed the OS name as I suspected it might be because there’s a template called the same thing as I’m trying to set the OS (computer) name to, in this case Server2008R2. Having changed the name (I added -2 to the end) the wizard completes normally.

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One Response to VMM 2012 SP1: VMM cannot find HardwareProfile object

  1. rcmtech says:

    Subsequent testing seemed to disprove that workaround, though it did seem to do the job on at least one occasion.


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