PowerShell: Sleep with progress bar

Wrote this function to provide a common way to add sleep and give progress updates.

Set the sleep time by creating a hash table (aka dictionary) specifying the hours/minutes/seconds you want to pause your script for. You don’t have to specify all of hours, minutes or seconds, just one or more. Call the SleepProgress function with your hash table as the parameter.

function SleepProgress([hashtable]$SleepHash){
     [int]$SleepSeconds = 0
     foreach($Key in $SleepHash.Keys){
             "Seconds" {
                 $SleepSeconds = $SleepSeconds + $SleepHash.Get_Item($Key)
             "Minutes" {
                 $SleepSeconds = $SleepSeconds + ($SleepHash.Get_Item($Key) * 60)
             "Hours" {
                 $SleepSeconds = $SleepSeconds + ($SleepHash.Get_Item($Key) * 60 * 60)
     for($Count=0;$Count -lt $SleepSeconds;$Count++){
         $SleepSecondsString = [convert]::ToString($SleepSeconds)
         Write-Progress -Activity "Please wait for $SleepSecondsString seconds" -Status "Sleeping" -PercentComplete ($Count/$SleepSeconds*100)
         Start-Sleep -Seconds 1
     Write-Progress -Activity "Please wait for $SleepSecondsString seconds" -Completed
$SleepTime = @{"Seconds" = 30;"Minutes" = 1}
SleepProgress $SleepTime

This script demonstrates the use of switch, write-progress and hash tables.

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