PowerShell: Ping test script (sequential) with CSV output

This is a script that sequentially tests the specified hosts and writes the output to a CSV file. Unlike the parallel ping script I posted a few days ago, this one writes the output of all the tests the the same file, which whilst not as efficient whilst doing the tests, makes producing graphs in Excel from the results much easier.

Here’s the script:

$Computers = "","rcmtech.co.uk","bbc.co.uk","virginmedia.com"
$SleepTime = 5
$CSVFile = "$env:UserProfile\Desktop\PingTest.csv"
    $Now = Get-Date
    $ResultObject = New-Object PSObject
    $ResultObject | Add-Member NoteProperty Time $Now
    $i = 1
    foreach($Computer in $Computers){
        Write-Progress -Activity "Ping Test" -Status "Pinging $Computer" -PercentComplete ($i/$Computers.Count*100)
        $TestResult = Test-Connection $Computer -Count 1 -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
        if($TestResult.ResponseTime -eq $null){
            $ResponseTime = -1
        } else {
            $ResponseTime = $TestResult.ResponseTime
        $ResultObject | Add-Member NoteProperty $Computer $ResponseTime
    Write-Progress -Activity "Ping Test" -Status "Write results to file" -PercentComplete 100
    $ResultObject | Format-Table -AutoSize
    Export-Csv -InputObject $ResultObject -Path $CSVFile -Append -NoTypeInformation
    for($DelayTime=0; $DelayTime -lt $SleepTime; $DelayTime++){
        Write-Progress -Activity "Ping Test" -Status "Sleeping" -SecondsRemaining ($SleepTime-$DelayTime)
        Start-Sleep 1
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