Monitoring Server 2012 Hyper-V host CPU usage

If you open Task Manager or use Performance Monitor (perfmon, % Processor Time) to look at the CPU usage on a Hyper-V host you only see the CPU that’s being used by the host (aka root partition). So you could have a VM that’s using really quite a bit of CPU, yet Task Manager only shows 2% CPU usage.

There are a lot of Performance Monitor counters for Hyper-V, and so far the one that seems to give the best results is Hyper-V Hypervisor Virtual Process – _Total – % Guest Run Time. This gives you a single graph that’s a total of all the CPU usage on the host by Hyper-V virtual machines.

I’m still looking for a counter that’ll give me an idea of what the physical CPU is up to, irrespective of whether the usage is coming from a process on the host or within a VM…

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