How to get PowerShell ISE 3.0

Windows PowerShell ISE v3.0 is part of the Windows Management Framework 3.0.

You need to have .Net Framework 4.0 installed before installing WMF 3.0 or you’ll get an error:

Windows Update Standalone Installer
 The update is not applicable to your computer.

Once the update is installed, you’ll find the Integrated Scripting Environment shortcuts on the Start Menu in All Programs – Accessories – Windows PowerShell.

If you’re installing onto a new PC you might want to create a PowerShell profile too. This allows you to do useful stuff like set the starting folder for the PowerShell prompt, load snapins etc.

Check if you already have a profile by using:

Test-Path $profile

or look at where the $profile variable is set to:

Write-Host $profile

and browse to that location to have a look, mine is set to here:


If Test-Path returns False and/or you can’t find the file where $profile says it should be, you can create a new profile (which is just a text file that’s executed each time PowerShell ISE starts). Use:

New-Item -Path $profile -Type file -Force

Then you can open the file and put some commands in it. Use:

psEdit $profile

to open the file in the ISE editor.

I’ve added the following command into mine:

Set-Location C:\Scripts

And for the moment, that’s it. It just sets the PowerShell prompt to start in my Scripts folder rather than the default (which is root of my user profile).

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