HTC One X – First Impressions

This is not meant to be a full review, just some points that I’ve noticed.

Some background: I’ve had an HTC Desire for the last 23 months and been very happy with it apart from the lack of phone storage for apps, which whilst fine for maybe the first few months of owning it, rapidly filled up and then got annoying. App2SD functionality helped, but big apps such as pretty much anything made by Google, especially Maps, Flash player, Swype didn’t leave much room for very much else. The desire was my first “proper” smartphone and was a massive step up from the Sony Ericsson C905 that I had before.

So, the HTC One X was probably going to be my phone of choice, it came to market maybe six months before my contract was up, so I was able to find out a bit about it, and HTC were able to iron out the WiFi issue. It was basically going to be the One X or the Galaxy S3, but having had an HTC phone and been very happy with it, that swayed me to stick with them.

So, what’s good?

  1. Built-in swipe-able keyboard. Yup, no need for Swype, just go into Language & keyboard settings, tap HTC Sense Input and switch on Trace keyboard. You can even pick the trace colour in Advanced settings.
  2. I used 3G Watchdog on my Desire to keep track of my data usage when no on WiFi, and whilst I’ve got it installed on the One X at the moment, it’s only because I initially didn’t find that this functionality is built-in. Go into Settings, and under Wireless and networks tap …More then Usage. You can set the quota for your contract, rollover date, warning threshold, check usage between certain days, see how much data different apps have used and more.
  3. Email setup for Yahoo mail was really easy, just pick Yahoo! Mail as the provider when adding the account and that’s it. No need to look up server names or username formats.
  4. The screen. Amazing, so clear and the image appears so close to the surface. I loved the Desire’s screen but the One X is just incredible.
  5. Storage. 2GB for apps on the “phone” storage, 25GB for the “sdcard”. In quotes as obviously there is no SD card slot on the One X but I never filled the 16GB card I had in my Desire, so 25GB here will be fine I’m sure. Plus there’s always the extra DropBox storage if I ever need it, plus SkyDrive etc.
  6. The built-in loudspeaker sounds halfway decent, all things considered. The Desire speaker was really scratchy but the One X is pretty good.
  7. There are some pretty good built-in Apps. I know you can go to the market and pull these down anyway, but having them there already makes things easy. Some I’m using and others I’m not. Some examples, SoundHound, Task Manager, Task List (links in to Google Tasks), Notes (links in to Evernote), Rescue, YouTube, Polaris Office (which links in to both Dropbox and SkyDrive).
  8. I was slightly concerned that the phone would be too big, but it feels slimmer than the Desire and I notice it less in my pocket then the Desire. The Desire feels quite chunky when I hold it now, though it didn’t before I got the One X.
  9. Battery life hasn’t been a problem so far, seems about the same as the Desire, which is impressive considering the screen is larger, brighter, and the CPU is more powerful.
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One Response to HTC One X – First Impressions

  1. rcmtech says:

    Have discovered that 3G Watchdog seems to cause the Android Status bar to keep popping up randomly whilst I’m browsing the web, plus I’ve found that you can create a shortcut direct to the data Usage bit within Settings, so I have uninstalled 3G Watchdog (Sorry Richard!).


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