Basic Windows Performance Testing

I wanted a basic, quick way to evaluate performance between a Windows Server 2008 R2 VM running on different host hardware, and for free.

It turns out that you can use the utility that Windows 7 uses to give you the Windows Experience Index rating. You need to copy a couple of files from a Windows 7 PC. The files are WinSAT.exe and WinSATAPI.dll, these live in C:\Windows\System32 – copy them to the same folder on your server.

Before doing anything else you need to prepoulate the WinSAT results database, from a command prompt use:

winsat.exe prepop

Then you can start doing tests. There are a lot of options, so far I’m using:

winsat mem -buffersize 32MB -maxt 30
winsat cpu -encryption
winsat cpu -compression

These give you memory throughput, encryption using AES256 and compression using LZW.

Note that doing the tests within a VM that lives on a host with other VMs on it can give widely varying results.

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