Dell R720 E5-2690 and VMware EVC Mode Sandy Bridge

This isn’t actually specific to either a Dell PowerEdge R720 or an E5-2690 CPU, any system with an E5-2600 series CPU will likely be in scope of this post.

The trick to getting your VMs to change their EVC mode to Sandy Bridge from somethine a little older such as Westmere is twofold:

  1. The host must be running ESXi 5.0 or higher, ESX(i) 4.1 update 2 and older don’t support Sandy Bridge.
  2. The VM hardware version must be upgraded to 8.

The latter requires the VM to be powered off, and in the case of Windows Server 2008 and higgher, a further reboot a few minutes after power on once Windows has detected the new CPU.

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