Import Dell SNMP MIBs into HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM)

  1. Download the latest “Dell MIBs for Poweredge” (currently v6.5) from Dell’s support website.
  2. Extract the files and copy the .mib files onto your HP SIM server, into the following folder:
    C:\Program Files\HP\Systems Insight Manager\mibs
  3. Open a command prompt (I used an Administrator command prompt, not sure if that’s necessary though) and change into the mibs folder.
  4. The .mib file(s) need to be compiled, and then imported. To compile them use:
    mcompile <mibfilename>.mib

    Note that SIM doesn’t like MIBs that have only numeric names (!), so rename the 10892.mib to new10892.mib (HP SIM 6.3 ships with a file called dell10892.mib already). Also see the info below about unregistering dell10892.mib before registering new10892.cfg! Thus:

    mcompile new10892.mib
  5. You’ll now have a new10892.cfg file. You then use mxmib to import this into SIM:
    mxmib -a new10892.cfg
  6. Voila!

…Unless you try it with the rac_host.cfg. Which will fail to import throwing one of the following errors:

Error reading CFG: TRAP-TYPE Unexpected word in macro  Line: 992.
Error reading CFG: TRAP-TYPE Invalid severity  Line: 1,006.

Line numbers may vary depending on the version of the rac_host.mib that you compiled from. Note that the mcompile command on the rac_host.mib works fine.

My solution to this is as follows:

  1. Open rac_host.cfg in a text editor
  2. Remove all lines starting with --#CATEGORY
  3. Replace any instance of the word NORMAL with INFORMATIONAL
  4. Replace any instance of the word NONRECOVERABLE with the word CRITICAL
  5. Save the file
  6. import the rac_host.cfg using mxmib -a as per step 5 above.

To get HP SIM to recognise traps from an iDRAC 6 you need to compile and import DcAsfSrv.mib. In the copy I have the .cfg file threw an error during import which was down to a typo of the word CRITICAL (which was spelt CRITIAL). Once I corrected this in the .cfg file it imported fine.

Also, I had to unregister the HP-supplied dell10892.mib before registering the new10892.mib, otherwise the new10892.mib didn’t look like it had anything in it when viewed via the HP SIM GUI:

mxmib -d dell10892.mib

Another error occurred when using mcompile on ITassist.mib:

Line: 356: Error while not parsing a module: found: TRAP-TYPE
Mib compilation failed.

The line above this contained just the word END. The fix is to remove that line, and add a new line at the end of the file containing END instead.

Finally, you can view the imported MIBs in HP SIM by going to Options – Events – SNMP Trap Settings… and picking the appropriate .mib. You can use this to verify that your mxmib -a command has correctly imported the MIB.

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7 Responses to Import Dell SNMP MIBs into HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM)

  1. Great fixes! You didn’t go over the INTELLAN,mib though, which I also encountered problems with.


    • rcmtech says:

      Might see if I can have a look over that one sometime then. I’m still not 100% sure that these work properly, even after the fixes above. Either that or the way HPSIM handles two sets of MIBs that define the same trap(s) is nasty… (or both!)


  2. rcmtech says:

    My first attempt at “fixing” the INTELLAN.mib is thus:
    Find the line:
    ::= { enterprises 4300 1 }
    and change it to:
    ::= { enterprises 4300 }
    But I have no idea what this may break… but it will now compile at least.


  3. Awesome, I’ll give it a try on my end and let you know if I run into any problems.


  4. stefmanos says:

    Thanks for the post.
    After comparing the mib files the solution for one of the problems in rac_host is not removing the lines starting with –#CATEGORY in the cfg file but editing the mib file and putting the text after in quotes.
    So originally a line is –#CATEGORY Status Events but should be –#CATEGORY “Status Events”


  5. Good work on that! I applied your fixes for the CFG file to the MIB by swapping NORMAL for INFORMATIONAL in the trap alertCMCNormalTrap and swapping NONRECOVERABLE for CRITICAL in the trap alertCMCNonRecoverableTrap, now the MIB can compile and register in HP SIM without modifying the CFG file directly.


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