XenApp: One or more applications could not be disabled

Trying to disable a published application in the XenApp 5.0 Delivery Services Console I received the following error box:

Error disabling application(s)
One or more applications could not be disabled

Solution (in my case, anyway) was that I had configuration logging enabled on the farm (right-click the farm, go to Modify farm properties – Modify configuration log properties). One option within configuration logging is a tickbox that says “Allow changes to the farm when database is disconnected”. This was NOT ticked on my farm configuration, and the database was indeed offline, thus no changes were allowed.

Note that the configuration logging database is a separate database to the main XenApp database.

It would be nice if the error box was a little more descriptive, but there you go. Whilst my DBA tried to get the database back online again I just ticked the “Allow changes…” box, the was then able to disable the application as normal.

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