Get filename minus extension from full file path using VBScript

I have a path to a file, e.g. \\server\share\folder\subfolder\filename.extension

I want just the filename bit so that I can use it to create a temporary folder.

During the course of thinking about how best to do this I came up with three different versions (thought number 3 is really a refinement of number 2).

I could use a Scripting.Filesystem object, and use the .GetFileName and .GetExtensionName methods. I could do something like:

WScript.Echo getFileNameFSO("\\server\share\folder\subfolder\filename.extension")
Function getFileNameFSO(sFullPath)
 Dim oFSO, sFileName, sFileExtension
 Set oFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
 sFileName = oFSO.GetFileName(sFullPath)
 sFileExtension = oFSO.GetExtensionName(sFullPath)
 getFileNameFSO = Replace(sFileName, "." & sFileExtension, "")
End Function

This actually does not require that the file specified by sFullPath exists.

As an alternative, I also came up with the following function:

WScript.Echo getFileName("\\server\share\folder\subfolder\filename.extension")
Function getFileName(sFile)
  Dim i, iLastSlashPos, iLastDotPos
  iLastSlashPos = 0
  For i = Len(sFile) To 1 Step -1
   If Mid(sFile,i,1) = "\" Then
     iLastSlashPos = i
    Exit For
   End If
  For i = Len(sFile) To 1 Step -1
   If Mid(sFile,i,1) = "." Then
    iLastDotPos = i
    Exit For
   End If
  If iLastDotPos <= iLastSlashPos Then
   iLastDotPos = Len(sFile)+1
  End If
  getFileName = Mid(sFile,iLastSlashPos+1,iLastDotPos-1-iLastSlashPos)
End Function

This one steps backwards through the file path passed in, one character at a time, looking first for a backslash, and then for a dot. It then uses the positions of those two characters in the filepath to extract out only the filename.

Another way of coding the above function would be:

Function getFileNameRev(sFile)
 Dim i, iLastSlashPos, iLastDotPos
 iLastSlashPos = InStrRev(sFile,"\")
 iLastDotPos = InStrRev(sFile,".")
 If iLastDotPos <= iLastSlashPos Then
  iLastDotPos = Len(sFile)+1
 End If
 getFileNameRev = Mid(sFile,iLastSlashPos+1,iLastDotPos-1-iLastSlashPos)
End Function

These all cope with various different input strings:

  • \\server\share\folder\subfolder\filename.extension
  • filename.extension
  • filename

in each case just returning filename, but you might want to check them for robustness in your own environment as they obviously have no error handling in them.

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