Group Policy Preferences: Scheduled Tasks not appearing

Tried to deploy a scheduled task via Group Policy Preferences to some Windows 7 PCs. The task was created as New Scheduled Task (Windows Vista and later).

The task was set to trigger on a particular event being logged, and was configured to run a VBScript to write to a central SQL database. The GPPref was in the Computer section of Group Policy.

The task did not run on PCs.

By default (according to the GPPref built in help) tasks configured via the Computer section of Group Policy will run as System. However, on viewing the task in the Group Policy Management Editor, in the Security Options secton, the box titled “When running the task, use the following user account” box defaults to %LogonDomain\%LogonUser%. When I viewed the task on the PC this box only contained a backslash (\). I tried BUILTIN\SYSTEM but that made the task dissappear completely . Then I tried NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM and that worked nicely.

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