Powerpath/VE ESX 4.1 install

Having read through the instructions, messing about with adding .vib .sig and .xml MIME types to an IIS server, I realised that if you’re using ESX (i.e. not ESXi) you can just SSH onto the service console and use esxupdate to install the package from any old FTP server.

Probably put the host into maintenance mode first…

  • You need to enable outgoing data through the SC firewall:
    esxcfg-firewall --allowOutgoing
  • Then put the EMCPower.VMWARE.5.4.SP2.b298.zip file onto your FTP server and use:
    esxupdate --bundle=ftp://your-ftp-server/EMCPower.VMWARE.5.4.SP2.b298.zip update
  • And close the firewall down again:
    esxcfg-firewall --blockOutgoing
  • Reboot the host.
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