UAC and Run As Administrator adjustments for Users

When running on Server 2008 R2/Windows 7 as a normal user in a corporate environment you want to remove as much of the User Account Control related stuff as possible. You don’t want your users being prompted for Administrator credntials which they don’t have.

Annoyingly it doesn’t look like this can be done directly via Group Policy, though you can use Prefs.

Registry entries:

Remove the “Run as administrator” right-click option:
Value: HideRunAsVerb (REG_DWORD) set to 1
Note that you also set this in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE but this will remove the prompt for administrators too, which might not be so handy.

Automatically deny elevation requests (from users):
Value: ConsentPromptBehaviourUser (REG_DWORD) set to 0

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3 Responses to UAC and Run As Administrator adjustments for Users

  1. Nick Fendall says:

    its not working for me, the option is still there!


  2. Nick Fendall says:

    All working now!


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