Wyse Xenith and XenApp 6

Had a few issues getting this to work, but it does work. Here’s what I did.

Get an IIS server to host the config (xen.ini and JPEG images) and firmware files.

  • Create a folder called wyse
  • Within that you can put your xen.ini file
  • Create a subfolder called bitmap
  • Get the latest Xenith firmware from Wyse (their support website is nasty, but I did eventually manage to get the file). File will be called C00_xen – put this in the wyse folder.
  • Add two MIME types to your IIS server:
    . text/plain
    .ini text/plain
    For IIS6 this is via Default Web Site – Properties – HTTP Headers – MIME Types
    For IIS7 this is via IIS Manager – MIME Types
  • If you want your own background image for the Xenith logon screen you can put a .jpg file into the bitmap folder.

Now you need to create the xen.ini file.

There’s info about how to do this in the Xenith Admin Guide, also available via Wyse support website.

Here’s mine to get you started, I’ll explain a few useful settings below. Note that a backslash as the last character on a line, and the next line prefixed with a space means a continuation of the line, i.e. sub-settings. Some of these need to be in the right order.

PnliteServer=http://citrixwebinterface.rcmtech.co.uk \
# AutoConnectList="FarmName:Main Desktop"
SessionConfig=ICA \
 mapdisksunderz=no \
 DiskMapTo=U \
 SessionReliability=yes \
 ondesktop=all \
 ProgressiveDisplay=yes \

Autoload=2 – Makes the Xenith check its firmware against that on the web server and upgrade only if the server version is newer.

TimeServer – can be an Active Directory domain controller.

Desktop – the JPEG file you placed in the bitmap folder.

DisableDomain and DomainList stops the user having to pick the Active Directory domain, meaning they can just type their username and password.

IcaBrowsing=http effectively ticks the “Use HTTP for browsing” box within the Edit – Connection dialogue on the Xenith for each published application, in addition to the Global Connection Settings – ICA – Settings Common to all ICA sessions – Use HTTP for browsing. If you don’t put this entry in you probably won’t be able to connect to anything. This setting is not mentioned in the Xentih Admin Guide v1.5 despite it being essential for the unit to connect to any XenApp stuff. Annoying.

PnliteServer should point to a Citrix Web Interface server. Prior to Xenith firmware 1.6 you could use a data collector or just any server in your XenApp farm running the Citrix XML Service (CtxHttp). You can specify multiple servers, separated with a semicolon.

AutoConnectList is commented out (using the hash # character) but would make the unit connect to the specified published resource (application or desktop), if available to the user, immediately after they log on. If the user only receives one published resource the Xenith will automatically connect to it, making this line redundant. Note that you need to specify the farm name here too, as shown.

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3 Responses to Wyse Xenith and XenApp 6

  1. Peter says:

    Thanks, facing the same issue now it works.
    Only the autoconnect does not work like it suposed to do.


    • rcmtech says:

      Had this myself recently, and realised that I’d (stupidly) used the wrong server names for the PnliteServer entry – the info in my blog post is correct and works. But this time, for some reason, I’d put in the names of the Citrix Web Interface servers instead of the data collectors (i.e. XenApp servers). Put the right server names in and it works again. Might be this that’s catching you out. It’s a little non-intuitive as the entry starting with “Pn” makes you think of PNAgent, and thus the Web Interface/XenApp Services servers, whereas what you actually need is a XenApp terminal server (or two).


  2. rcmtech says:

    I have discovered that you can in fact use the Web Interface servers for the PnliteServer setting, but you need to specify the farm name in the AutoConnectList setting. Have updated the .ini file above in light of this. As of v1.6 firmware the .ini file would not work and would not allow you to log on if you pointed to a Citrix XML service server (e.g. a data collector): gives you an error when you try and log on: Citrix sign-on failed


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