Citrix EdgeSight 5.3 with XenApp 6

Had a few problems getting the XenApp 6 servers to register with EdgeSight 5.3.

I checked the IIS Anonymous authentication as per CTX126208 but it was already correctly configured.

I’m configuring XenApp and EdgeSight via the command line, using:

 /ExecutionMode:Join /FarmName:"RCMTech" /
 /LicenseServerPort:27000 /ZoneName:"RCMTech" /DsnFile:C:\XenApp\sql.dsn
 /OdbcUsername:rcmtech\xenappsql /odbcPassword:password
 /AddAnonymousUsersToRemoteDesktopUserGroup:False /EdgeSightCompanyName:RCMTech
 / /log:C:\logs\xenappconfig.log

When I checked the EdgeSight log files on the XenApp server there were messages like:

2011-05-17 19:59:24 Core                     Worker                   Worker 104 running with trigger 24 had status of 0x800411E1.  Error: Unable to load the specified script file, ‘http:|ZHTTP|/init.aspx?|ZINST|’.  Detailed information can be found in the script log file.  The specified operation has timed

in the file C:\ProgramData\Citrix\System Monitoring\Data\SYS_EVENT_TXT.txt

and also:

17/05/2011 11:05:35: 10004, Script load error: The file ‘/edgesight/app/suser/init.aspx?SInstance=AD7F2FA6-EFA7-4DF5-9339-B9AF9DF14F18&SVersion=5.3.4101.0&tz=60&Dept=RCMTech&Co=RCMTech&Prod=2&AgentType=3’ could not be read

in the file C:\ProgramData\Citrix\System Monitoring\Data\EdgeSight\log\Worker104_Trigger24_Inst0.log

I checked the agent configuration on the XenApp server via Control Panel – Citrix System Monitoring Agent and found that on the Mode tab the functionality mode was set to Advanced, even though I have XenApp Enterprise and thus am only able to use the basic EdgeSight functionality. Apparently this should not happen, and the agent should default to the correct mode based on the edition of XenApp installed. So that might not help, but…

Also found that on the EdgeSight Server tab the Port was set to 27000, which is clearly not right. It should default to port 80, based on the command line I am using (see above). So I’ve now added the (theoretically unecessary) command line option /EdgeSightServerPort:80. Clearly the agents were never going to be able to communicate with the server on port 27000.

Having changed this the XenApp servers are now registering with EdgeSight correctly. The agent mode is still set to Advanced, but I’ve yet to find out what implications this has when the server is set to Basic.

Update: Had emails through overnight from EdgeSight:
Subject: EdgeSight – Grace Period license violations detected on xenappserver
Body: The device xenappserver at has reported Grace Period violations
EdgeSight has detected license violations in the payload for the device xenappserver at This device is still within the 14-day licensing grace period.
Please take corrective action to prevent future violations.

So clearly it’s not happy with me running agents set to Advanced when they should be set to Basic. Am now going to install the EdgeSight agent separately to XenApp, and hope that the more comprehensive Windows Installer options can configure it correctly. I’m doing this using the MSI installer and the following command line/options:

msiexec.exe /i "X:\XenApp\Service Monitoring

FUNCTIONALITY_MODE=2 sets the agent to Basic functionality. Strictly speaking the SERVER_PORT=80 is not required, but based on the port being set to 27000 (above) I’m doing it anyway just to be sure.

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1 Response to Citrix EdgeSight 5.3 with XenApp 6

  1. Steve says:

    We had the same problem with the EdgeSight agent configuration. In our case the reason for the mode being set to “Advanced” turned out to be that because we included the agent in our server imaging process there was no license information for the installer to detect so it defaulted to “Advanced”.


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