QNAP RTRR failures to FTP destination

I now have two NAS units at home, my original Lacie Network Space 2 (which was actually fine, I was just worried about all my data on a single harddisk) and my new QNAP TS-239 Pro II +.

The QNAP unit has a Real Time Remote Replication (RTRR) feature that allows you to, amongst other things, schedule a regular synchronisation of your files to either another QNAP NAS or an FTP server. As the Network Space 2 provides an FTP server I thought this would be a good way to utilise the old hardware and also give me a physically separate (and potentially distant) copy of my music and photos.

So I set up some RTRR folder pairs copying from local to remote on a schedule, starting at 4am. I used the Network Space 2 power management to wake it up ten minutes before the RTRR schedule was due to kick in, and then switch it off a couple of hours later (when I could be sure the copy would have completed).

The first copy took a few hours, then it’d take just a few minutes on subsequent nights. I’d configurd the QNAP unit to email me once the job was finished, which it did, but also sent me warning messages saying “Not all files/folders and their attributes are copied!”. Looking the log showed a few folders giving permissions errors.

Over the next few days I realised that it was always the same folders, and that they all had square brackets (i.e. [ and ]) in their folder names. I renamed these via the QNAP Web File Manager to remove the brackets and the next night the job completed successfully. So I can only assume that there’s something either the QNAP or the Lacie unit (or both) doesn’t like about those characters.

Interestingly, to try and mitigate against disk failure I had attempted to use the Windows 7 offline files feature to keep a copy of the files locally on my PC when I only had the Lacie NAS, and it too used to fail to synchronise giving permissions as the reason. So perhaps it was the same thing.

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3 Responses to QNAP RTRR failures to FTP destination

  1. Peter S says:

    Perhaps the issue is also with SPACES in the filenames?


    • rcmtech says:

      Hi Peter,
      I’ve not posted your other comment due to a certain amount of semi-personal info being visible in the file names. It could be spaces in your case, however plenty (most) of my files/folders have spaces in the names and yet they copy over fine. Obviously you could try removing all the spaces from one of the offending files and/or folders and see if it then copies.


  2. jon miller says:

    Hi rcmtech,
    I have the same issue with the “FTP finished. Not all files/folders and their attributes are copied”. However there is no [] or any other bracket nor is there a lot of spaces. yet I still get this message.


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