Unable to power on VM: Virtual disk is not accessible on the host

When trying to power on a vSphere Virtual Machine you get the message:
Virtual Disk ‘Hard disk x’ is not accessible on the host: Unable to access file [Datastore Name] <VM name>/<VM name>.vmdk
You’ll also get an error box pop up with the above error, also available from a link in the Details column of the Recent Tasks list. The Error Stack from this box says the same as above, Unable to access… etc.
The VM will not power on, but you might be able to browse the datastore.
This could be caused if the VM has a VMDK that lives on a SAN that became unavailable whilst the VM was running.
Select the host, click the Configuration tab, select Storage, ensure that the Datastores view is selected. One or more datastores will be showing in grey and with (inactive) written after them in the Identification column.
To fix this, obviously make sure that the datastore is actually up and running and that connectivity to the ESX host has been restored, then click the Rescan All… link and wait for the rescan to complete. The datastore(s) should now be showing normally again.

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