Rename vSphere RDM LUNs

I installed Veeam Monitor 5.0 (free version) which gives some convenient ways of displaying data from the vCenter server such as “top” list (e.g. top 5 busiest VMs, busiest LUNs). Whilst checking out the list of LUNs some had datastore names so were easy to identify, others were just listed along the lines of:

DGC Fibre Channel Disk (naa.60060160xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

These are, I believe, LUNs that are Raw Device Mappings (RDMs). Not so easy to identify, even if you have both a Clariion and the EMC VSI Storage Viewer. However, what I just realised you can do to make things really easy is to rename the RDM LUNs as shown in the vSphere Client. Pick an ESX host, go to the Configuration tab, pick Storage, click the Devices button, then right-click and choose Rename.

So you can call them useful things like:

RDM LUN 123 <ServerName> D:

Which makes life so much easier. I did this to one whilst the VM it was using was up and running with no adverse effects. You get a Recent Task stating “Update SCSI LUN display name” – that DGC Fibre Channel Disk stuff is just that, a display name.

Probably stating the obvious to a lot of people, but there you go.

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