vSphere: Virtual disk xxxx is not accessible on the host

Trying to power on a VM but get the error:

Virtual disk ‘Hard disk 3’ is not accessible on the host: Unable to access file [VMFS Store Name] VM Name/VM Name.vmdk

You can’t ‘remove Hard disk 3’ via the GUI – you get an error: Invalid configuration for device ‘0’.


  • Select the VM
    Choose Edit Settings
    Select the problem disk, e.g. Hard disk 3
    Under Virtual Device Node, note the SCSI ID, e.g. 0:3
  • Edit the VM’s vmx file, remove block of references to that SCSI device ID
    e.g. use nano on the ESX host:
    cd to /vmfs/volumes/VM datastore (i.e the datastore where the vmx file lives)
    cd <VM-name>
    nano <VM-name>.vmx
    Towards the end of the file will be lines starting with scsi0:3
    Delete all these lines.
    Exit nano, Ctrl-X, save the file.
  • To get ESX to re-read the edited vmx file, right-click the VM in the inventory and remove it.
    Then browse the datastore holding the vmx file, right-click the vmx file and choose Add to Inventory.

Now the VM should power on.
Obviously it will be missing Hard disk 3!

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2 Responses to vSphere: Virtual disk xxxx is not accessible on the host

  1. eldeeone says:

    that was the perfect answer to my problem, thanks !


  2. Edimar Nery says:

    Thanks , your solution is perfect.


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