Add Network Place to My Network Places on Windows Server 2003

So contrary to the information given here, it looks rather like if you enable the Remove “Map Network Drive” and “Disconnect Network Drive” group policy setting on Windows Server 2003 it does actually also remove the “Add Network Place” option from within My Network Places – though see the second workaround below, you may still see it depending on your folder options.

Some of my users want to add Sharepoint sites to their Network Places to enable them to save directly into Sharepoint.

One workaround is as follows:

  • Via a web browser, upload a Word document to the location within Sharepoint that you want to add to My Network Places.
  • From the web browser, click the link to open the Word document you just uploaded, open it Read Only (though choosing Edit would probably work too). I am using Word 2007, and haven’t got easy access to other version to try them out.
  • Click the Office button, choose Save As.
  • From the Save As dialogue, click My Network Places from the list on the left. As if by magic, you should see that the Sharepoint location where the Word document resides has been added to My Network Places.

Note that this will probably not work if the following group policy has been enabled:

User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Desktop
Do not add shares of recently opened documents to My Network Places

As a user you may be able to check which policy settings have been configured by using Resultant Set of Policy, create a shortcut to rsop.msc then double-click it. If your environment is locked down tightly enough then this will not work.

Another workaround (though you may already have this configured anyway, if so why are you reading this page?):

  • From an Explorer window go to Tools, Folder Options.
  • On the General Tab, under Tasks, choose “Show Common Tasks in folders”.
  • This then gives you a bar down the left of the Explorer window, and when viewing the My Network Places location one of the options that becomes available under Network Tasks is “Add a network Place”.
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