Word: Printing: Microsoft Visual Basic – Run-time error ’70’: Permission denied

None of these were working after a recent terminal server farm rebuild.

Windows Server 2003 SP2, all latest updates. Office 2007 SP2, all latest updates.

  • Right-clicking a file in Windows Explorer and choosing Print.
  • Within Outlook, select an email with Word document attachment(s), go File Print and tick the Print attached files box.
  • Doing a mail merge from within SAP:
    You cannot control Word document using the OLE automation function
    Message no. LS003
    An error occurred in the system control of the OLE software.
    If your OLE application has already started, close all documents and then try addressing it again.

Solution: we upgraded the SealedMedia Unsealer, now called Oracle IRM Desktop 5.5. It has a Word add-in: Oracle IRM Desktop. Sealed Office. This causes Word to display an Oracle IRM ribbon. Disable this add-in and all the problems go away.

  1. Click the Office button
  2. Click the Word Options button
  3. Go to Add-Ins
  4. At the bottom, set Manage to COM Add-ins and click Go…
  5. Untick Oracle IRM Desktop. Sealed Office and click OK.

The following command will remove the add-in for all users of the terminal server:
regsvr32 /u “C:\Program Files\Oracle\Information Rights Management\Desktop\smOfficeUnsealer.dll”

Additionally, I’m going to unregister the other add-in as well (though it’s not necessary to solve the problems above):
regsvr32 /u “C:\Program Files\Oracle\Information Rights Management\Desktop\Email\smEmailOfficeAddin.dll”

While I’m at it I’m also going to change the following registry values:
\sealedmedia.unsealer.officeunsealer.enabled = 0
\sealedmedia.unsealer.systemtrayicon.show = 0
And delete:

Summary: nasty bit of DRM software sticking its grubby fingers into too many places. All it’s being installed for is a browser plugin.

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